I want that unexpected kind of love. The kind of love that walks into your life and sweeps you off of your feet kind of love.

The kind of love that inspires me to be greater than I already am type of love. The kind of love that loves my daughter kind of love.

The kind of love that brings me joy. That enables me to fight….for that love.

- AshaAp (via trunaturalista)
"I ultimately ignored the people who condemned me, ridiculed me and sought to discourage me. I laughed or cried over it in secret; and went right on writing what I wanted to write, the way I wanted to write it. I knew of no other way to become the writer of my dreams. If you want to be a writer, go for it. Critics are a dime a dozen, and people who would love to see you fail are everywhere. Just keep on going; keep doing what works for you. Keep believing in yourself."
- Anne Rice, excerpt from her post from her FB page, ‘There are NO RULES for all writers’ (via sleepingseeker)


"I know, I don’t need anybody’s approval, I’m the master of my own fate, you don’t have to keep yelling that at me"

"Writer is always alone. But every author is a creator, and gods are lonely."
- Lara Biyuts, The Sunless Parlour (via maxkirin)